Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello&About Us

Ello darlings!
Sophia and Megann, here. Welcome to Peppermint Fantasies! (don't you just love the name!)
I'm Sophia, and I'm blogging here now, along with my online friend Megann. 
We are the stars of this lovely blog!

So, your probably wondering, who are you, really? Well, Sophia blogs at So Sophia and Megann at The Bright Side. If you could check out our blogs sometime, that'd be lovely! Thank you! 

Anyway, to know even more about us, we wrote you a short paragraph for each of us. 

Hey! My name is Megann, and I blog over on The Bright Side! :) I can't wait to really get this blog up and running - Sophia and I came up with the idea one day while chatting.... or at least that's how I remember it... ;) So a little bit more about me... I'm 13, super tall for my age, I love horses, I play piano, and most importantly: Jesus Christ is my Savior. Well enough about me... on too Sophia :) 
(A note from Soph-haha, yes, it was when we were chatting! :D)


Hello darlings! I'm Sophia, a 12 year old girl who is also super tall for her age. I'm the funny type-I make my friends cry with laughter. I love laughing-one of my favorite things. I'm also a major horse lover (haha), and I am a born-again Christian saved by His Grace. I'm a girly girl tomboy, I love science and hate math, and I have 10 very best friends whom I love to the moon and back. ;)

We hope you enjoy this blog very much and promise to be posting extremely soon! Love you all! 
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